By Joseph Imaku

It is of no use having wealth you cannot spend in peace knowing full well that someday the law will catch up with you, and as with the ever popular yahoo boys, it will. Of what use is illicit acquisition if you always have to watch your back and watch you must, to see who is coming after you.

Something with these so called “yahoo boys” is that they never know when to stop. What actually baffles me is the fact that they never invest this money. One just wonders what stops them from investing their ill-gotten wealth thereby going legit. Even if they do, mind you, this doesn’t make it right for what is wrong is wrong and what is bad is bad, but then, that is the problem with money that comes from filth and ill gotten. Money you did not sweat for, some will want to argue they did. It is easy come, easy go.

One must spare a thought for families that have been broken as a result of the activities of these “boys” or for lives that have been lost because their victims ended up committing suicide or became hypertensive, depressed and of course their untimely death, but what do they care. ‘I don hammer! I don hammer!’ Na hammer na him go hit your head at the end of the day as it has done to Hushpuppi today.

All the wealth he amassed over the years he reigned as king of the ‘smarties’ will be taken away. Can you imagine a man swindling close to 2 million people, you no dey fear? What kind of a man will have such a heart to keep going number 1, number 2, number 3… till we are counting about 1.9 million people? Well I guess Hushpuppi is that man. It takes a man with no heart to do such, a heart that is devoid of conscience.

Few years ago I read of how a German lady lost her money to one of these boys. She contacted the EFCC and had to relocate to Nigeria with the hope of recovering her money. She rented a house and became resident in Nigeria. I can’t remember how the story ended again, but what I do remember is that after years of pursuing the case and spending money she did not really have again, her marriage had crashed as a result. She had left her husband back home to come down to Nigeria.

This is just one in many cases where these boys have disrupted lives and families. Nigerians, especially the teeming youths are a smart and intelligent set, always making their mark wherever they set their foot. It’s a pity that some have chosen to channel their energy into activities that paint the country in bad light. If there are countries in the continent that despise us, take South-Africa for example, I can bet it is not altogether because of the criminal tendency of some Nigerians, after all, South-Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, sometimes if not many times, it is borne out of envy. They question how a people can be so smart. Nigeria’s greatest resource is not the many minerals that lie underneath her soil. Nigeria’s greatest resource is its people- the many talents in the land and beyond the seas. Unfortunately, these many talents have been greatly underutilized if ever they have been utilized by those whom we entrusted our wellbeing in their hands. The result is what you see today, many of them have gone rogue.

Another reason can be adduced to this rush for filthy lucre- Society’s glorification of wealth and fame. In order to have both at all cost, these young men do not mind treading the path of dishonor. Another dimension was even added to the so-called yahoo boys, the infusion of rituals and fetish to aid their success and damning the consequences. As a result some of them have ended up paying with their lives, but the most painful part being the unwarranted loss of lives of their victims whom they sacrificed for ritual purposes. As Hushpuppi embarks on his journey to the foreseen unknown, we hope young men and women will draw a lesson from this. Nothing gained through illegality is worth risking your freedom for.

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