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XTRAVIEWS: For The Love of The Dead and The Living

Written By Stephanie Nneka Mbata

Death is an inevitable guest that comes uninvited most times and every mortal must journey through it to the other side of life. My condolences to the Abba Kyari’s over the demise of their father and Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari. May the almighty God comfort and give you all the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

One can’t help but to wonder why some Nigerians choose the be non-conformist, non-chalant and purvey perfunctory attitudes towards a ravaging global pandemic like Covid-19 that has subjugated myriads of people cut across different continents, races, religion and even social status to a life of an obligatory seclusion. The video’s and pictures emanating from the supposed private burial of Abba Kyari is very disheartening and hideous that in perilous times as this, some overzealous wannabe Nigerians deliberately flouted the social distancing guidelines and ban on burial ceremonies with large crowds put in place by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) as a measure to curb the spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

 This wonton show of recklessness poses the fundamental question if this fight against Covid-19 will have any array of hope to end anytime soon? Every religious activities in the holy land both in Saudi Arabia and in Israel has put been put on hold all in the efforts to curb it’s spread in their countries. The question is: Do you love the deceased? Yes you sure do! But you don’t glut your show of love by endangering your life and that of others especially in times like this.

 What happened to the maxim that “self-preservation is the first law of nature”? Top government officials including the President, Vice President and ruling APC members shunned the burial for fear of contracting the virus. Do you love Abba Kyari much more than they do? Or are you closer to him more than they are? In as much as they would love to pay their last respect but the current situation didn’t give them much option to do otherwise. In fact one way to show your love and respect for him is to uphold his desires that this pandemic does not spread more than it as. Some Nigerians are still living in axiom of self-deceit that this pandemic is a scam while some others will quickly snap their fingers with the popular maxim; it’s not my portion! Nigerians, Covid-19 is real!

Government on the other hand is also culpable in this as they are speaking from the two sides of the mouth. Minister for information Lai Mohammed told Nigerians that bodies of Coronavirus victims will be cremated and not to be released to their families for burial. The same government flouted its own rules and did just the opposite. The crux of the matter to me, was the crowds that attended the burial and that contravenes the social distancing guidelines. That alone has vilified government lockdown directives in Abuja.

Notwithstanding that there were directives from the Presidency that people should not attend the burial, but more is expected as more proactive measures from government putting into cognizance the behavioral characteristics of some Nigerians especially those who they must have pre-empted would defy all odds to attend. The burial arrangements could have been done in such a way that does not give out detailed information to the public. All these talk and explanations would have been avoided. The bane of government in Nigeria is not having laws but implementing and enforcing this laws remains a major concern. Institutions must be separated from government if the principles of separation of power is anything to go by. The rule of law must remain sacrosanct that everybody is equal before the law and that the law is no respecter of any person. The purpose of government is to establish laws, maintain and provide security , protects its citizens from external aggression even in terms of pandemic as well. I just hope and pray that what happened yesterday, will not give rise to a supersonic escalation of the virus in Abuja and it’s environs. Everybody is a stakeholder in this fight and for the common good of all, all hands must be on deck to fight this monster. My 2cents.

RIP Mallam Abba Kyari and all Nigerians who have succumbed to the Novel Coronavirus in Death.

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They people involved actively close to the deceased took a big risk and also violate the laws of the funeral

We should always abide by laws and order at all cost!

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