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The GreenBox (Episode 3) -An Acronym Of Agony

It is interesting to note how much our lives are being affected by acronyms in Nigeria, NEPA, DISCO, APC, PDP, BVN, etc; Today, we will be looking at an acronym that has made people feel vulnerable and reneged on its initial purpose. We are talking SARS and an account of someone who got in the mix. Join Olubisi Olukose on this fast-rising and highly appreciated weekly show The GreenBox exclusive to Jegiq Tv. 

We apologize for the quality of the interview audio, please bear.

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So this has always been a very serious issue that must end. It has to end! One may never understand untill one finds him/herself in such a terrible fix

Olukose Shola


Great work! Never experienced SARS brutality but the pages of newspapers contain more than enough stories.

Patience Gwamna

Voice of the Voiceless

SARS Brutality is Real and Must End..Wonderful Timely Intervention,Kudos to the Brain Behind Green Box. I will love to partner and sponsor an episode.



I had this horrible experience myself during one of my road trip with friends, and the guy said he was going kill me. I was very better about the oppression and i hope it doesnt get to the state citizens will start to arm them selves against such threats. Great job green box


I like the title. It got me curious till I listened.

SARS is not the only problem. One day, I hope we have conversations about how government agencies are over replicated in different forms. Nice job.


SARS...they all need Psychiatric Evaluation anyway..


Green Box

At last! Someone hits the nail on the head! Thank you for being so balance on this matter while exposing the reality. Great voice by the way. Keep em coming.


Thumbs Up

Good job Bisi, keep it up. Timely topic at that, and addresses the core of the matter.

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