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The Naked Truth

It is Valentines and it is official! the impulse to satisfy and gratify sexually has graduated into the reason why people, (Ladies most especially) have become preys to those they once trusted and even loved. We are talking the plague of N-U-D-E-S. While some consider it a bond to ensure trust, others see it as the true test of love.

Thank you for joining in. On this episode, we take a look at some stories of people who have been muddled up in the world of blackmail from nudes pictures and videos. Hear The Naked Truth Olubisi Olukose on The GreenBox.

And in case you missed the super exciting previous episode, you can get it from the link below:


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  • This topic is very apt and timely sir. I have had my own fair share of the Nudes especially from the newly married folks who end up telling you how boring and sad they feel at home till they met you.
    Hi leads to hello. Hello leads to chatting and chatting leads to sharing of very sensitive and arousing private pics. I still feel guilty for downloading and watching such Pics especially that of the married ladies but on a second thought I never demanded for it.
    You will be shock how much solace many find in satiating their hormonal cravings through a smart phone.
    Sir, this issue is deeper than we think it is and God bless you for bringing it up sir.

  • Beautiful piece.

  • Timely! I hope this serves as a sensitization to all and sundry…!

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