i BEAUTY (Episode 2) – Common Makeup and Skin Care Mistakes

On this episode, Joyce hints on common errors people make in makeup and skincare routine. We hope you enjoy the show, kindly give us a feedback in the comment section below.

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  • Does it mean that using wipes to clean up makeup is actually wrong? ? I see a lot of people do it

  • MakeUp Wipes For Facial Cleansing are not good alone, they have to go with extra cleansing which is the double Cleansing(MakeUp Wipes & and Then Cleansing Foam *soap*,milk or cream depending on your skintype) This is because it deep cleanses Your Face Taking Out Those hidden dirts,bacterias and oil that hides in your skin which causes breakouts, enlarged open pores and speed skin aging. So it is very important to double Cleans which can also be referred to as deep cleansing.

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